29 November 2013

Oreo Loves ....

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Every other week, I take Oreo for a little shopping trip to Pets at Home. Sometime she's excited - when she gets new toys and treats, other times she has to be dragged in as she seems to know she's headed to the groomers. This week however, it was all about Xmas, and a few toys for her to play with now. I always love the selection of Xmas products they have for dogs, it's so lovely that they can be included as part of the family and get gifts on the day - even though they have no idea whats going on. They also have fab xmas clothing for pups of all sizes. I will show you in a later post, but Oreo now has a winter coat, a christmas jumper and a novelty reindeer hooded jumper all ready for the festive season.

 photo fbec4e63-5274-4730-a3d9-6d2592a5a7e9_zps891251aa.jpg
{Doggy Cupcakes}

 photo dc94c48d-ac40-4e8d-a8e0-bcb22bf31c55_zpsa5a7f5e1.jpg
{Current faves from the puppy section}

 photo ed4daa7b-4cc9-4235-b998-78518286fac8_zpsb91399c4.jpg
{Reindeer stocking fillers}

 photo 1f0063df-26b2-448c-acc2-d3b87c35eebe_zpsac64c8e7.jpg
{Edible stocking fillers}

 photo 02959e47-2a9d-4611-86ca-02d38696b6ee_zps1187da24.jpg
{Just chilling with Ted}

Hugs & Kisses

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