19 November 2013

The Curly Blow dry

 photo d09a17af-5933-449e-8698-853ae0b9c9a5_zpsc65a3210.jpg

Ever since i've left the blonde world, I have been on a healthy hair mission. I wanted my thickness back and the shine! It's ridiculously hard to get bleached hair to shine. I do still colour it a dark brown sometimes almost black, but other than that I don't touch it. I was feeling a little bit bleugh with my hair a couple of months ago and headed over to the Tai Hair & Beauty salon, for a bit of hair pampering.

They started off with a clear gloss left on to set, to leave my hair with a healthy shine, followed with a curly blow dry which left me feeling like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. I can't believe in my 28 years I've never had one. In a perfect world i'd definitely have one a week.

 photo 73bc1fb2-a0dd-4d69-a01c-266e819f12f0_zps87d94e41.jpg
{More than coffee and tea on offer = a very happy me}

 photo f85a195c-b56e-4856-82c7-72e6230e2452_zpsb9dfbd71.jpg
{The KMS products used to style my hair}

 photo 77111b2c-7046-472e-ab25-f1b2b6b87bad_zps0391a76d.jpg
{They all smell so amazing}

 photo 43adc223-887d-4ea1-8ae1-127b3963646b_zps5b25dd4f.jpg

Hugs & Kisses

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Becca said...

Your hair looks amazing!


Petra said...

Adorable cobald blue coat and shoes.
xo, Petra

Andreea said...

Great look!

Candycane said...

Ypir hair is lovely - also great bright coat too!

CC x

Candycane said...