23 November 2013

The Outfit Post: Burgundy

 photo ca470d86-9393-4b59-83af-5931e54c6c6e_zps19daea71.jpg

You know you see those girls who wear hats all the time and they just look amazing? Well i'm not one of them, but i'm trying my hardest. I figure if i'm happy to leave the house with it, then it must look OK. Next up the beanie - i've tried quite a few - still not in love with any - but i'll keep trying.

 photo 5dc07aed-222b-44a3-8cf2-b3d6107bee43_zps82357624.jpg

 photo a3397d54-99f6-4d0f-9d8e-e22a22d259ed_zps4f7b5a5b.jpg
Jeans George at Asda, Heels Primarni, Hat H&M, Cami Topshop and Cardi She Likes

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