1 November 2013

The Party Season

I know halloween isn't even out of the way (Saturday night fancy dress), but as soon as it hits November, I automatically start shopping for glitzy dresses for all those special events that are ahead. I like to be prepared and know exactly what i'm wearing at all time. One store I always go to is Coast, amongst a small handful as they always have something I love and unlikely to see on someone else. I got my uni ball gown from there and I still have it. Can't go wrong with a beautiful black dress. Coast party wear, I didn't realise until recently, is fabulous.

The Glitzy dress
 photo 63265ba3-2f5b-4263-b8a8-ddf6ac3d57dd_zps5712d9ad.jpg

 photo 9b27ea6a-de74-4aba-9465-c2cc872b0570_zpse0bc8e32.jpg

The Red wardrobe Must Have
 photo af0982d0-8657-481b-a6cc-fd213c5db3ed_zpsd384767a.jpg

The could be a bridesmaid dress
 photo d58f552c-2134-4eac-981e-0a1d8b01bd73_zps67848252.jpg

The Sequin Dress
 photo 86a3944f-b8d3-4827-838e-55df7ec65f71_zps02ae6a8f.jpg

Which one is your fave? I'm 100% leaning towards the Glitzy dress - so beautiful.

Hugs & Kisses

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Kiwi..x said...

I love them all, there all so pretty

Brittany said...

The first dress is PERFECT for New Year's parties!

bella dulce said...