4 November 2013

The Pink Coat

 photo ac4874e1-a75d-4109-8235-cc878174293d_zps2e1760c2.jpg

Seen as the pink coat seems to be the coat of the season, and I seem to be permanently wearing mine. I thought i'd do a little round up of all my looks with the most amazing coat in the world so far. I initially didn't want to spend too much money on a pink coat as I thought it would be a one hit, one wear wonder, but no, it's love. Which look is your favourite?

 photo 17eecbd1-6304-49f4-ad59-af9b925844d3_zps2394d56f.jpg

 photo 2cdfe515-0702-46c4-883e-444e35d54d68_zpsa550e21b.jpg

 photo c282e31c-7c50-45bc-bb20-9addda1267d8_zps33c72f7f.jpg

 photo 95711ab5-a266-498e-86af-318fe79bfd8f_zpsb2a1bce4.jpg

 photo 610b73b7-d7bd-4f2f-a819-99359456d185_zpsbca16f0f.jpg

Hugs & Kisses

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Sofia Donatelli said...

What a great coat. Love the style and the color. Great buy.

Happy Monday!

Gemma Talbot said...

I love your pink coat. I had trouble finding one I loved for the trend this season but really love yours x

Diva In Me said...

I like the one with you in the black dress and of course the pink coat =)

Catarina Magalhães said...

nice looks! Love the last one!