29 November 2013

These boots are made for walking

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I've had boots on my mind for the past few days. The colder weather is definitely here to stay, so warm feet are a must. I have a very large amount of court heels, but with my clumsy ways, a hate of the rain, wind and cold, i'm going to have to say goodbye to them, at least whilst i'm outside. So this past week, I spent my time perusing the internet for some new finds

The ankle boot
I'm quite a lover of said boot. They can be worn for day and for night and they look just as fabulous with a dress as they do trousers. Im actually wearing a pair as I type.

The Ugg boot
As much as you ladies complain about them or how ugly they are, sometimes you just need to give in and go for warmth. These are a staple of mine on ridiculously cold mornings when taking the puppy out for a walk, not to forget how comfortable they are. Bye bye Converse you will be sorely missed.

The high heel
No girl can live without a high heel, no girl. Or if you do, you really shouldn't. The winter alternative is the heeled boot, I find these so much more comfortable than the standard court shoe - with an added bonus - you can wear a sock. Whats not to love.

The thigh high
I'm a bit 50/50 on knee highs. Some girls can pull them off whilst looking stylish, I on the other hand feel like a lady of the night. Although I am very tempted to give this seasons flat pair a go with a cute skirt. I'll keep you updated on that one.

What will you guys be wearing this winter?

Hugs & Kisses

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