16 November 2013

Whats in my Shower

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I thought i'd do a few more beauty posts on the blog from now on. I absolutely love make up and any products in general, so i'm going to share with you guys everything that I love and have tried and tested. I'm not overly fussy with products in the shower, I mainly focus on fragrance and I like to swap things up as soon as possible - here is what i'm currently using.

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On my hair right now Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse and Angel Wash - which I found over at The Salon Look. I love that it leaves my hair feeling fresh and also lets me leave my hair for longer in between washes, not to mention shiny. The scent is very floral, which is sometimes nice for a change as I usually go for sickly sweet smelling products.

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These Palmolive Body Washes were on offer when I bought them - from the Mediterranean range, which i'm not 100% sold on as I quite like coconut as a general rule. Also this Kimberley Walsh body scrub is my current fave, it smells amazing and does the trick - I will most definitely be re-purchasing this.

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Liz Earle is my general must have bathroom product. I haven't changed and I have no intention of, the product works and my skin loves it. This Dirty Works scrub is brilliant and a quick face scrub or a face mask depending on how long you leave it for. It leaves my skin refreshed and soft - but definitely in need of a lot of moisturiser afterwards.

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Grace said...

Amazing choices! Where's the Kimberley Walsh body scrub from?! I've never seen it before. xx