10 December 2013

Christmas Gift Guide - Under £100

These guides are a lot harder to do than you would think. I've been sitting here for the best part of 2 hours and i've come up with not a lot, which is weird as I really do want everything. So here is my under £100 guide. I've already bought number 4 - Shhhhhhh - and number 7 will be making their way to me very soon. What would you guys pick?


Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt said...

A Dior palette is always welcome ;o), beautiful shades in this one too :o). Xx

special occasion dresses said...

A Dior is great indeed. Fantastic collection and a combination.

Ambyr said...

I love those candles, the coat and the booties. Sign me up to gift myself.


Simply Sarah said...

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