19 December 2013

Silk Fibre Lash Mascara

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The whole fibre lash things seems to have totally bypassed me, until last week, I had no idea this type or mascara existed. Having said that it is now my go to mascara. My mascara choices are usually based on what my friend Maria is wearing, her lashes always look fab and when I was telling her about my new find - she responded - 'yes i've used that, it's great, but watch out for the feather bits as they hurt if you get them in your eye'. That turned out to be a pretty good tip - take note.

This mascara comes with 2 wands and take 3 steps to get longer lashes without the need for falsies. The first step is the mascara wand which works as a base for what i'm going to call the feather wand. Step two is the feather wand the mini feather type things cling to the previous base and lengthen and thicken your lashes. Step 3, you go back to the mascara wand and sweep that over to set it all and keep it in place. The result is longer, thicker lashes. I actually love this mascara and will definitely be purchasing again.

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Have you guys used fibre lash before? What are your thoughts?

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