1 December 2013

The Outfit Post: Keeping Cosy

 photo 4b6c437d-add3-435c-9f94-838c14936f11_zpse3917690.jpg 

I wore this outfit to the parentals last night. My December plan is to keep cosy and remember to wear coats, knits, hats and gloves, which will be a massive step up from last year. I'm very rarely seen in outwear as I go from my house to my car to my office. Hope you're all enjoying the first day of December. I've been puppy sitting, the little pup that you can see in the pics. Lovely day filled with puppy movies and food. Enjoy your evening ladies.

 photo a8ac7236-b5fd-4f84-8a75-c8e93b0521fd_zps704746a2.jpg

 photo fc777b37-c1df-4080-a91b-4fb086d87a2d_zps3bd72531.jpg

 photo c2820a06-6c31-4e6a-9b51-78d8a4c7a768_zps3ab1decf.jpg
Hat H&M, Scarf Topshop, Boots Ugg Boots, Cardi Next, Jumper Primarni

Hugs & Kisses

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Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt said...

Lovely and cosy - very snug :O). Xx