26 December 2013

The Outfit Post: White

 photo ea3e79ad-1234-47a8-9e2c-216a422b737d_zps6e4f500c.jpg

The sales have hit the stores and I am trying my hardest to resist buying anything, but the shops had such a good season. All the amazing coats and dresses and shoes, I just can't help myself really. The Topshop sale has pretty much put 50% off on all their statement coats and I was in outerwear heaven, but i've bought so many this year. Le sigh. However, I may change my mind tomorrow, actually I think I already have. Have you guys bought anything in the sale?

 photo 00675979-963c-40ce-947d-82ccb070849d_zps30b73f3a.jpg

 photo 8acb0c97-87d6-4bc8-b01e-8870682d0afa_zps6d81d13d.jpg

 photo 3bb33bcf-704f-4168-8955-2805741ae7ad_zpsd825064c.jpg
Coat Topshop, Heels Carvela, Jeans Primarni and Top Vila

Hugs & Kisses

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