9 January 2014

The Outfit Post: Dalmation

 photo bae54a9d-2df9-498d-bb2f-8eecc461fcac_zps60ac9849.jpg

 photo 719ca6b7-651e-4be4-97b6-3a6c561348fe_zpsac3ee3d1.jpg

 photo a5c095a0-4ada-4c19-b0ef-d894a8dd1b80_zps470a6482.jpg

 photo c109b9a4-6441-43b0-96f8-55ca94ef0506_zps285e477e.jpg
Shoes Ravel, Jeans George at Asda and Jumper Topshop.

Hugs & Kisses

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daisychain said...

those shoes are adorable! x

A place called Adelaide said...

Casual yet so stylish. I love EVERY piece of this outfit :) xo

Kim Alston said...

i love your sweater (jumper) and those shoes are so cute.

Keeley Laura said...

them shoes are amazing!
Keeley's Wardrobe

Fung Kelly said...

Nice outfit!!