20 January 2014

The Outfit Post: Mish Mashed

 photo 2d37e69c-246d-4f11-af2c-cbca32a60ef1_zps91f6bc52.jpg

A new week and a fresh start is here again ladies. My goal this week is to be more organised, Which to me means use a purse, buy a diary and actually use it, decide on outfits - the day before and remember to bring lunch to work. They are quite small goals I must say, but they are what I fail at on a daily basis. Do you have any new goals for this week?

 photo cad216ee-4da3-4bd4-8f38-9a8d3845c5e1_zps12b5ee20.jpg

 photo 8b89d97f-debe-4d37-b6f5-7cbf25e97766_zpsddd63168.jpg
Coat Topshop, Jumper Unknown, Jeans F&F and Heels Nelly.

Hugs & Kisses

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Rhea Gupte said...

Cute look. Love the pastel shades!

Jonnessa said...

The coat is so cute, very stylish outfit. :)

Keep in touch,

Katie West said...

such a cute outfit! x