13 February 2014

At 11

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I invited the girls around for brunch the other day, mainly because I was hungry and also because making food for one is a teeny bit boring don't you think!? I went a bit overboard with the food, but then again I always do, but I like to pick and try different things and this was just perfect for that. I shared the breakfast jars idea last week (seen here), and I will share the chocolate spread croissants next week sometime. Everything tasted amazing and nothing was left untouched - exactly how I like it to be. I think next up i'll have a Tapas night, although making so many different dishes does scare me.

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Andrea said...

Oh I would love a girly brunch - it might have to become a tradition in my apartment next year :)
Cute post!!!
and I love the adorable tea cup!!
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