6 February 2014

Breakfast Jars

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I always have the utmost food envy of other bloggers when they display their food/ clothes/ make up so creatively. I've made it my mission (At least with food for the time being), to make my pictures more pretty and carefully thought out. This may take some time to master, but first up I have my breakfast jars. They are a lot more filling than they look, I nearly couldn't finish it. 

You will need
Yoghurt of your choice (Vanilla Onken)
Granola of choice (Sainsburys Raisin, nuts and Honey)

How to
You can layer the ingredients how you want really. I wanted mine to look aesthetically pleasing so I started with the blueberries then strawberries. I then added a tiny sprinkle of granola topped with yoghurt, more granola another layer of strawberries, then filled up to the top with yoghurt. A dash of granola to taste and a single strawberry to make it look pretty. Invite the girls round for brunch to test this out, they will be so impressed and will think you've been slaving away for hours.

 photo db1f95bf-40a2-4678-bc86-bf8cd090ea6f_zpsca784118.jpg

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 photo bb9b7a01-f97b-453d-92a8-070fcfa0f15c_zps2f17c9c5.jpg

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Gemma Bellfield said...

These are so cute! I see them everywhere I really need to get my hands on some.