24 February 2014

Gift Guide: Mothers Day

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It may be too early to be thinking about mothers day already, but what better time to treat your mama? March will be upon us before we know it and we will be rushing to the shops on a Sunday morning, as per usual, queuing to buy flowers and cards. Tsk tsk to those who that actually applies to. So why not make this year the year you go above and beyond for your Mum and make her feel super special.

There are so many options to go for and it obviously depends on what your Mum likes, but jewellery is always a safe bet.

If your Mum is a charm bracelet bracelet lover, you could always get her a pandora charm or even a Thomas Sabo, depending on her taste. If she doesn't have a bracelet you could even get her a starter one with a charm on that you can build up for her each mothers day.

No lady can refuse a gorgeous bracelet or bangle, so why not pick her out a particular style that you think would suit her everyday look. You could go for a dainty little thing or a chunky arm cuff. The decision is yours.

You Mum might just be an earring lady. However you need to consider whether she is of the Pat Butcher variety or teeny tiny studs that you can wear 24/7 type of lady. I would also suggest that you check that she actually has her ears pierced. That could make for an awkward Mothers day morning.

An Omega watch would be right up my Mum's street and as she doesn't read my blog (naughty Mum) she won't ruin the surprise. You might want to go all out for mothers day an interest free watches are a great option, so you can spoil your mum rotten. There are so many options to choose from that you're sure to find something that she will love. My Mum loves a gold plated watch that isn't dainty or manly it's just in between - although i'm sure she now needs a magnifying glass to see the time - ha ha - just kidding.

Whatever you choose to buy her, i'm sure she will appreciate it loads, just don't forget. Have you thought about Mothers day yet?

Hugs & Kisses

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