16 February 2014

The Outfit Post: 100 Days of Rain

 photo fb2a8ae0-6e6b-431a-884c-7ea960b94259_zpsc686d04c.jpg

Look what happened today ladies - the sun came out. I'm just a little bit too excited about this - no rain and no wind - what an amazing Sunday. Enjoy your evening ladies.

 photo 75f3adc9-460c-4068-947e-35207b885da9_zps6bd221d9.jpg

 photo cc30da00-af0a-4379-b3d0-8f2361774988_zps90a5b3e8.jpg
Topshop coat, Primark jumper & necklace, River Island Leggings and Ash boots.

Hugs & Kisses

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