9 March 2014

M&S Styleboard

M&S is a shop that I would usually steer clear of, because the nearest shop to me, is targeted to the oldies. The fab stuff you see on their adverts never make it and then I completely forget what they have on offer, that was until recently. They have had a lot of media coverage over the recent weeks showing of their new S/S collection and I was pleasantly surprised. The tees, the trousers, the jackets and not to mention the dresses. Above you can see the items that i've bought recently and I just can't get enough of that green midi skirt. Below you will see the styles that I have put together for the new M&S style board. If you want to style up their new S/S collection and have a play around you can check it out here. I've got my eye on a couple of bags and also a few of t-shirts.

 photo cdad2237-688f-4d53-83fa-4ae4abaee5b7_zps343593a2.jpg

 photo 2803ed7b-048e-4912-834d-dbdea667a781_zpsbb02c07b.jpg

 photo 8871ae6e-f333-41c6-aec8-1ff545269fe5_zps7e2a5c44.jpg

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Maggie Adofo said...

Love the look with the Navy dress.

Maggie A