23 March 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Flowers

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I haven't met another lady who doesn't like receiving flowers, if you don't I find that very very strange. I personally, but new flowers each and every weekend to display around my house. In my bedroom alone, I have 3 vases. They just make everything so pretty and they really do make me smile. So why not buy your Mum some for mothers day next weekend. If you've been reading the blog for a whole now, you will already know about the Debenhams flower range, which you can check out here. They do such lovely bouquets and they are delivered in a pretty flower box to protect them and they come straight to you door on your desired date. How pretty are the lilies in this bouquet

Do you guys have any ideas on what to get your Mum's?

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Rubi Ani said...

For some reason this post has only turned up in my blogger feed today. Anyway, those are some lovely flowers, I bought a bouquet ffrom Bunches for my mum.

Rubi x
The Den