21 March 2014

Office Inspiration

 photo d783ffe4-afc2-4bf9-b935-37b541a9c8b4_zps14e75818.jpg

I've seriously been lacking any sort of motivation/ inspiration lately when it comes to clothes and interior. May not be a problem for most, but these are the things that I enjoy the most, so last night I decided to turn of the tele and search the internet for everything I love. I really should of pinned everything I liked, but I also forget about that useful little app. Anyways here is Lauren Conrads new office make over. Isn't it pretty, clean and girly. 
You can check out the rest of the pics here.

 photo d66abb47-9f32-4b64-ba06-79e045c23fd4_zps8770f7cc.jpg

 photo 518794c2-011e-490b-90d9-e611f326394e_zps1b150780.jpg

 photo 35b4cd13-a059-4137-90fa-e1d10dde36d2_zps1df0ffdb.jpg

 photo 9cf0cde5-5af1-41bb-a3ad-e3a4d9097579_zps5445bf30.jpg

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Ambyr said...

I love the brick in the office. I've been trying to set up my new office and this is perfect inspiration. Happy weekend.


Diva In Me said...

Yup, gotta agree that it sure looked good and I like the natural lights shining in. Definitely looking good =)

Tia said...

I wish my office was like this! Although I would never get anything done if it was haha xx