18 March 2014

The Outfit Post: All In One

 photo 56aa5548-3a48-48fc-97d2-422a2cd6e236_zps7010f01a.jpg

The sun is so lovely but seriously deceiving. I must stop leaving the house without a jumper/ jacket or a coat. It's cold people. I will never learn, as today I am in my onesie jumpsuit again. You will remember from my previous jumpsuit post (seen here), they make me feel like i'm wearing a onesie outdoors, and nobody should see that. However I do feel that they are the perfect item to take you from winter through to Spring. i'd even go as far as saying its a good pool side cover up.

Also I seriously need to buck up my ideas and get some tan on tonight - feeling a bit like Casper these days. What is your favourite tan? I'm bored of St Moritz.

 photo 104da031-7aea-49d3-b6d5-dbaddbf3a97b_zps2bcc9fd0.jpg

 photo 5cc96794-319e-4271-9356-b626762574bf_zpsaf424010.jpg

 photo 5adbc8e5-cfc0-455a-be0b-e6d3cc71debc_zps92eac060.jpg
Jumpsuit Rare - Sandals Primark - Bag Accessorize

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Really lovely jumpsuit. I'm exactly the same as you, I need to crack open a bottle of fake tap ASAP! xx