6 March 2014

The Outfit Post: Lace

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Another sunny day here in the UK, so so happy right now, it's ridiculous. I'm solar powered, so I think I need to move somewhere lovely and warm and suny. Decisions! Anyways, whilst going through my wardrobe yesterday, I stumbled across this beaut of a blouse. I am so glad that it did as I had completely forgotten about how much I loved it. I also have a black one lurking around somewhere, but I have absolutely no idea where I put it. The obvious answer would be hanging up next to this one, but oh no that would be too easy. Anyways, i'm off out to lunch now. Have a fabulous day.

 photo ea4ac378-85e9-4b47-863c-13d477fc8550_zps3a7e74e1.jpg

 photo 9732f0b4-17aa-4698-b712-fde2ad43e6ce_zps763fcd94.jpg

 photo 81e11f29-7728-42e4-9577-3bb53dea2ef5_zpsec1132c1.jpg
Blouse Vila - Jeans Dorothy Perkins - Shoes ASOS - Bag Louis Vuitton

Hugs & Kisses

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Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt said...

Very pretty lace top, very romantic and victorian :o) Xx

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