4 March 2014

The Outfit Post: Much of the same

 photo 41c2a0be-08c3-409f-885e-49afe8016ecb_zps7b70454f.jpg

Hey Ladies, another day and the same jacket. Initially, I thought this coat would be a sale fail, but it has become one of my wardrobe favourites. Surprisingly easy to style and looks good with anything (bold statement and I know I could be proven wrong). Hope you all have a great day - i'm off to catch up on PFW, i'm so far behind on fashion weeks in general, I need to get my fashion head on. Have a great day.

 photo d570a066-be4b-40bc-97b1-c05ac7435014_zps8b624f45.jpg

 photo ef53b0b3-e9c4-4429-b975-9c449dbb1eae_zpsbbd668ba.jpg

 photo 56b2eda8-5b6c-431a-94e0-1fd4c9d1c180_zps790afd72.jpg
Jacket Zara - Jeans Dorothy Perkins - T-Shirt and Boots Topshop
Hugs & Kisses

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Laura Larghetti said...

So nice!
new outfit on my blog!

Lucy said...

The jacket is really lovely with the black trousers. Lucy