7 March 2014

The Outfit Post: Orange

 photo f277114c-469c-436b-acde-6b19620ba93b_zpsb7604cf0.jpg

I know I have already worn this jacket this week, with an all black look also, but that is just how i'm feeling at the moment. The more black the better in my opinion. So the brightness in this ASOS jacket is perfect to stop me looking too Morticia Addams like. I definitetly need to invest in some more items like this one. Lastly can we please take note of my shoes. These are the 4th pair of the same shoes that I have been buying from ASOS over the last 3 years. Sometimes the thought of wearing high heels all day makes me sad, so these heels are the perfect in between. Not too high and not too low - they have graced my feet a minimum of 4 times this week - hence the having to keep buying the same pair over and over again. But what's even better - they only cost £20. £20! You just can't go wrong. Yay ASOS.

 photo c91a62ed-7e58-443f-b815-b1ad102a0ea3_zps5f0762ff.jpg

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Jacket & Shoes ASOS - T-Shirt River Island - Jeans Dorothy Perkins - Necklace Next

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