5 May 2014

Playing Dress Up

 photo 3df34dc7-31f4-4236-9629-d6b9c333ff21_zpsd0c2b1bc.jpg

It's always fun to have a dress up day or 2 throughout the week. I mean we have to get dressed every single, so it might as well be fun. This is my outfit of the day today, but this picture is not from today. There is something about this skirt that just makes me feel like I have somewhere fun to go, instead i'm off to Tesco and then to run some errands. Anyways hope you're all enjoying the lovely weather, not quite sunbathing weather, but definitely outdoorsie weather.

 photo 459b884c-b914-4334-9893-efbdb18a830c_zps7c03be6f.jpg

Hugs & Kisses

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