21 May 2014

Seasonal Style Fixes

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It’s warm outside, or it was when you left the house this morning - but now the sun has made way for grey skies. Never mind looking good, at this time of year, it can be really hard to get it right in terms of not finding yourself freezing in your summer dress or sweating buckets in your jeans and jumper halfway through the afternoon. 

The good news is, with a few handy trans-seasonal items in your wardrobe, you can beat the changeable weather at its own game. 

The forecast said it was going to be warm and sunny and, sure enough, there’s not a cloud in the sky. But this is Britain and anyone who dares to leave the house without some form of coat, even on the brightest day, risks the wrath of the weather gods. Luckily most shops sell handy pac-a-macs that weigh almost nothing so you can pop one in your bag and hopefully just forget about it while you bask in the sunshine. Alternatively, lightweight leather and denim jackets or a classic Mac are great options for when there’s a nip in the air. 

Suitable Shoes 
You’ve bought a gorgeous pair of summer sandals and you really, really want to wear them. However you haven’t got round to doing your pedicure yet and it’s still feeling a bit nippy outside. No need to stick to the clumpy winter boots though – try a pair of plimsolls in a fresh spring colour, some wooden-heeled suede ankle boots in grey or gold or a pair of mannish on-trend brogues to put a spring in your step without freezing your tootsies off. 

Luckily this clever style trick is massively on-trend at the moment. Whether you go for a loose sweatshirt over a mannish shirt (try a crop top version for maximum fashion points), or a floaty summery top with a plain white layering t-shirt underneath it, all you have to do is remove a layer if the sun decides to grace us with its presence. All the big retailers do a range of long-sleeved t-shirts designed for layering and don’t worry about letting them show – a bit of sleeve peeping out is a good look. 

Dresses may be the quintessential summer wardrobe essential, but it can be frustrating how little the changeable British weather lets us wear them. Again the solution is easy - layering. Make sure you’ve got a coordinating lightweight cardigan to throw on when the sun goes down and it gets a bit chilly at the BBQ, and don’t forget to chuck a pair of leggings in your bag too. Any of this huge range of leggings from George at ASDA will look amazing with this year’s sixties-inspired dress shapes and they’re the perfect quick cover-up for cold, goosepimply legs! 

So it just goes to show, if we use a few clever but easy tricks, we can enjoy our lovely new summer clothes no matter what the weather throws at us! 

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