7 May 2014

The Outfit Post Jeans

I need to mix up my wardrobe a bit and invest in some actual trousers. I've become stuck in THE. SAME. JEANS. RUT. I'm even boring myself. Anyways I gotta go now and watch 2 New episodes if The Simpsons and the 2 hours of 24! What a perfect evening. Have a good one.

Top New Look - Bag River Island - Jeans George at Asda - Shoes Topshop

Hugs & Kisses

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Sarah P said...

I love chilled evenings like that in front of the tv. Love the New Look top, looks really chic paired with the jeans xo


The Style Box said...

No way are they Asda jeans?!? I was just looking at them thinking they looked just like my Abercrombie ones - I'll be heading to Asda shortly then!