18 June 2014

Where I talk Sunglasses

 I absolutely love sunglasses, I mean who doesn't? A wise women (my Grannie), once said to me you can never have too many clothes, shoes and accessories. I think that has sort of stuck with me, or has just become an excuse every time I decide to go on sporadic shopping sprees. None the less, it has been with me for years, she lived by it, so why can't I?
 Now back to sunglasses, the sun has finally shown its face, so sunglasses season is in full swing. Sun + Sunglasses = Summer an equation everyone can be happy about. The next issue what type of sunnies do you go for. My firm favourites have to be my RayBans although, there is no better feeling than getting into my car on a beautiful sunny day and pulling out my massive Chanel's. I'm ashamed to admit that they make me feel like a million dollars. Materialistic or what? Having said that my absolute favourite pair came from a street seller on Venice Beach, they were the biggest bug eyes that I have ever seen and cost me $5, they lasted for years, until I sat on them. 
I do wish I could pull off the smaller style sunglasses, but they make me feel like I have a surprised face constantly as you can see my eye brows over the top of them - so weird. 

Here are my favourite styles of sunglasses
The Harry Potter - These are round in shape hence Harry Potter. I was wearing these a few years back and my then Boyfriend refused to walk with me down the street until I took them off. I got a gorgeous pair a few years back, but I do save them for the days I’m not in my home town.
The Cat Eye - These are exactly what the title says - Cat-esque in shape and if the right pair are chosen can look very chic.
The Bug Eye - The bigger the better in my opinion. Don't want to see the sunlight or you're trying to go around unrecognised put a pair of these on.

The Victoria Beckham - These are big and fabulous. Note my above Chanel statement 
The Aviators - My driving sunglasses - currently I have the green mirrored ones from Rayban and I just love wearing them. Trying to have a conversation face to face with someone is hilarious. They get all awkward and 100% cannot look you in the face.

The: I wish they suited me - Wayfarers to you. I've tried many times and I’ve failed. THEY. DO. NOT. SUIT. ME. 

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