8 June 2014

White Trouser Love

I didn't think i'd ever be converted into a trouser kind of girl, ever since my Tesco uniform days. Hideous, just hideous, but Marks and Spencer's managed to turn me. They have been featured on the blog so many times now, that I thought i'd share all my looks so far. 
Got yourself a fave?

 photo f74f7878-7b00-46f2-aef0-9a8ded073d3b_zps95fe4043.jpg

 photo c5b47ae7-633b-4c74-a4f3-5e2f907a0dd3_zpsecac9fcf.jpg

 photo 94c03f93-0d40-4723-a584-fc08a938d6d6_zps0c4cc3d1.jpg

 photo 45e4fda7-11aa-41ca-bf7c-233fd076f766_zpsa883a689.jpg

 photo 2cc01662-92e2-4b67-96d1-d549606d69d8_zpsf7836db9.jpg

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