20 July 2014

Always Be Ready

It's Summer season and we all know what that means in the UK - a random array of weather where we can have at least 3 seasons in a day - 1 if we're lucky. This makes it slightly harder to be ready for what the Sumer decides to hit us with. There are a number of ways that you can be weather ready, here are some great ideas to help you dress for the season.

Cardigan - Easy to throw in the bag and just as easy to get out when it gets a bit breezy, which means you can still wear your new summer dress and not be freezing.

Invest in some amazing tights - Luxury Legs have got this covered. They have a vast array of tights for whatever mood you are in which are perfect for to pop in your bag just incase the weather takes a 180 and rains on your fake tan.

Chiffon Scarves - I feel like an olds lady suggesting this, but bring a scarf with you, if it's not needed just tie it up around your handbags handles.
You'll thank me later if you remember to do this, I even go as far as keeping a pair of socks in my bag. JUST. INCASE.

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