9 July 2014

Summer Feet

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This season the footwear stakes took an unexpected turn - i'm talking about you Birkenstocks. I for one didn't see that coming and i'm also not sure this trend is something that I can team up with. Thankfully not all shops have gone all slider/ birkenstock mad and there are plenty of other styles to go for. Here are some of my favourite picks from Lotus.
Sandals - the sparklier the better - perfect for lazy days, shopping, adding a bit of bling to your beach outfit, just everyday summer wear.

Wedges - The comfy shoes as me and my girls like to call them. They go fabulously with a LFD (Little Floral Dress) and are the only shoes in the world that you can wear during the day and not feel like your feet are going to fall off come 5pm.

Heeled Sandals - A shoe that I absolutely love to hate. Can only be worn for a long amount of time if prosecco is involved. They give you flirty feet as Phoebe from friends would say and they make you look absolutely fabulous! No pain no gain.

Courts - You can't fail with a good court shoe. It's plain luck if you get a comfy pair or not. If you do - never let them go. They will be the best accessory you ever have.

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