4 July 2014

Summer Pants

Happy Friday everyone  and Happy 4th July to my American readers! One year I will make it my mission to be over there for the celebrations as with Halloween - you guys know how to do it right. Now back to le blog - I've been super casual as of late due to a lack of time and I simply just can't be bothered - that's awful right? I am in desperate need of someone to take pictures for me as even i'm bored of the background ha! That will be sorted out soon I hope. How cute are these Toppers trousers, they are just so comfy and perfect for my current lazy needs. They even double up as lounge wear - just perfect. Hope you all have a fantastic day and check back later for something bloggy.

Outfit Topshop - Sandals Primark

Hugs & Kisses

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Anonymous said...

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