14 July 2014

What To Wear To A Wedding

I'm sure i'm speaking for every female here, but whenever a wedding invite pops through the letterbox, I instantly think about what i'm going to be wearing. Am I right? A new outfit is of course in order. As we don't get to dress up for a special occasion that often (unless your Victoria Beckham), it's nice to make a bit of effort at a wedding, but how to decide what outfit to pick? This year i've been paying close attention to Hybrid Fashion as they have some fab clothing on hand for any occassion. All on the one website.

The Lace Dress - Perfect for a playful alternative to a colour block dress and it adds something a little bit playful into the equation.

The Floral Dress - What's not to love about a floral dress? And an absolute Summer wedding must have. Be careful not to go too high street on this one as you might just find yourself with a dress twin and nobody wants that.

The Midi Dress - smart very VB esque and a style that you simply can't go wrong with. Team with some pointy shoes and you really are set for the day. Just remember not to eat too much for the meal - not much stretch, will leave you feeling uncomfortable.

I almost always opt for a dress. It's kind of wedding etiquette for a female, don't get me wrong you can't go far wrong with a pastel trousers suit combo or a pencil skirt and top, but I just love a dress. One thing you won't find me wearing at a wedding is a fascinator. No way, not even if you paid me.

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