13 July 2014

What's Hot in Jewellery this Summer

As actor, rapper and generally all-round nice guy Will Smith said in his song 'Summertime': "Summer, summer, summertime; Time to sit back and unwind". Never a truer word spoken.

He says lots of other stuff too about basketball courts and girls and nostalgia and aphrodisiacs, but the line that stands out most of all to us here at Robert Gatward Jewellers is the bit about making sure you wear the right jewellery to compliment your outfit in summer. Don't look for it, it's there - honest.

With the Fresh Prince's words ringing in our ears, read on as we give you the low down on exactly what jewellery trends are hot this summer.

Embrace your wild side
We've noticed a huge push on wildlife-inspired jewellery throughout spring and so far this summer. Here at Robert Gatward we think animal-based pieces can deliver a genuinely exotic statement which looks great against floaty summer dresses. Just take a look at this silver Falcon charm - it would look great against your gorgeous summer tan.

Art Deco is in
Greatly inspired by last year's blockbuster film 'The Great Gatsby', the Art Deco, roaring 20's look is back with a bang, and frankly we're loving its renaissance. Just take a look at these two pairs of stunning Diamonfire earrings - perfect for embracing your inner flapper.

Paint the town... green?

Here at Robert Gatward we love green. In fact, we think this colour looks great all year round, but it really comes into its own during the summer. For us it evokes memories of summer day picnics in the park and long walks through the countryside.

Green coloured pieces are versatile too, and they look just as great with jeans and a tee-shirt as they do with summery dresses. An essential part of your wardrobe this summer.

Electrify your look
Apart from green, electric colours - such as orange, pink and bright yellow - also make for fantastic summer jewellery. These colours really pop against that bronzed skin you've worked so hard for.

They can prove to be a bit garish if used in an outfit, but by using them subtly with jewellery they can work wonders.

This guest blog was written by John Rooney on behalf of Robert Gatward Jewellers - one of the UK's leading stockists of a wide range of jewellery and watches.

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