17 August 2014

How To Show Your Love Of Fashion In Your Home: Top Tips

Everybody who is interested in fashion will have their own sense of style, although why should that stop at the clothes you wear? 

Whether you live in an attic bedsit or a country manor house, it’s easier than you think to show off your personality in your surroundings rather than reserving it for the wardrobe.

Here are some top tips to help you match your home with your fashion sense.

If the only colours that you see when you open your wardrobe are black and white then a minimalist design will make you feel right at home. Clean straight lines and white washed walls have the added benefit of giving a sense of space and a calming atmosphere – both of which can be important if you live in a small flat. 

Removing handles from cupboard doors and replacing them with a push-close system will immediately give you a more streamlined feel while a lack of patterns will make design decisions easier. 

Although you may think this design is simple you may be surprised by the sheer choice you have when it comes to shades of white paint. A local interior designer will be able to help you make the most of keeping things simple and explain why certain shades may work better in your home than others (as a general rule, avoid large patches of bright white as this can look clinical).

For those people who like their clothes to sparkle, a ‘bling’ approach to decorating can fit even the smallest budget. Glossy magazines are a good source of inspiration for the latest trends so have fun researching what you want for your home. 

The addition of a large crystal chandelier in the middle of a room can give you that instant wow factor, whether it’s real or faux, and decadently bold colours can be painted on walls to give a luxurious feel – although you may want to use an accent wall if you think your choice will be overpowering.

If you have the space and the budget, transforming a rarely used spare room into a walk in wardrobe is another great idea you can try.

Boho Chic
Give your home that vintage bohemian look with floral prints and quaint decorations. You don’t have to let this dominate the space though – strategically placed cushions and home accessories such as cake tins or crockery can help embody the boho chic look without covering every surface in florals!

Consider changing door knobs for large vintage glass ones and stripping back the doors to their original un-glossed glory before using candles or fairy lights both inside and out to give your home a warm and relaxed glow.

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becky said...

i have to say, i'm a true minimalist!


Maggie A said...

I LOVE the pops of color in the room.

Maggie A

Faye_Oliviaa said...

I'm just doing my room up at the moment, so this is perfect! xx