27 August 2014

New Season: Lets Get Ready

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This time of year, definitely means shopping time for us Ladies. The Summer sales have ended, we have almost all been on our Summer holidays, and now it's time to pre are for the next season. You never know we might just be surprised with an amazingly warm Autumn, but it's highly doubtful. Here is My A/W must have list.

Knitted Jumper - One that you are happy with. I have been on endless hunts, year after year for what I seem to deem as a 'perfect' jumper. Does it exist? I'm not too sure. I have high hopes for this year.

Blazer - It's sunny, it's not quite 15 degrees, it's 100% not winter coat worthy weather, so a blazer is a must, for those chilly days.

Striped Dress - Perfect for any season really dressed up or dressed down, but like the knitted jumper, I am still yet to find the perfect one. This striped dress form Cavells has come the closest as of yet, and i'm sure it will be clicked home soon and added into my wardrobe mix.

Man sized Cardigan - cosy confortable and warm, nothing else to be said.

Skinny Jeans - for when all else fails - throw on jeans, a tee, blazer and a statement necklace. Effortlessly chic.

A Raincoat - Obvious reasons. For when it's to hot to wear a winter coat and of course when it's raining, which it is bound to be if you're living in the UK.

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