11 August 2014

Simply Beautiful Collection

I don't know about you guys, but my morning and night time beauty routines are shameful. On a bad day they consist of a baby wipe and any moisturiser that might just be on my bedside table. On a good day - it's good. I'm the wrong side of 20 now and have been for a while, so my skin routine should be a descent one to keep the future wrinkles at bay. 

So lets get to the point of this post - SBCs Vitamin ACE day and night cream. My Mum gave this a quick test drive as she's a massive fan of SBC products, but after just one use, she was raving about so much, that I took it back. I know, i'm mean, but it was a good review. 

"It was like putting velvet on your face - an instant wow factor!"

Now my Mum has the most AMAZING Skin for her age, so she knows her stuff. I honestly didn't believe her, but I can confirm she speaks the truth. I have used this cream religiously since the day it landed back in my hands. I can only describe it as a refreshing blast - I know that sounds weird, but it's good. And it's not in any way greasy, so it's perfect for underneath your foundation.

The cream itself has little pink beads throughout called Oxyzones (Vitamin C & E are inside), which you are meant to tap into your skin to let all the goodness burst out into your skin. The vitamin A is spread throughout the actual cream, so it's a really good concoction and amazing for your skin.
I have rosacea and I can confirm that it doesn't make it worse, it doesn't make it react in any way and my skin is looking the best that it has in ages. I will definitely be re buying this when it runs out. However a little goes a long way with this, so it might be a while.

Plus Oreo thinks it tastes pretty good.

Hugs & Kisses

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