12 September 2014

Home Office

Working from home is a strange balance of working, life and trying my best not to hoover, clean or move around my whole house, whilst putting off doing any work. Today has been awful in all of the above. It started out with the gym at 8, then just went down hill from there. I literally have no idea where the time has gone, although it as involved a trip to the car wash, Homebase and even to Halfords. Talk about procrastination. Because of this, I will now be working all night to make up for it. I am going to take a break to watch the new show The Last Ship. I really hope it's good as I need to a new show to watch. What are your plans?

Hugs & Kisses

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1 comment:

Lizaboo said...

Such a great space for blogging. My home office is unfortunately a bit more manly thanks to the other half also being a freelance graphic designer. I keep adding a candle here and there in the hope he won't notice ;o) xx