30 October 2014

Favourite Halloween Movies

I've been enjoying a Halloween themed movie night every night this week, starting from Sunday. There is nothing better than catching up on your all time faves once a year. Here is a list of my favourite Halloween movies right now. There is nothing new here and my choice appear to be quite wimpy, but I live by myself, so nothing too scary for me. What are your favourite Halloween movies?

Hocus Pocus
It stars SJP, it's about witches and it's the best Halloween movie around. It'll take you straight back to your childhood and have you googling all the actors, to see where they are today. Seriously google Thackery Binx.

The Craft
The Craft
This was a sleepover fave, back in the day. It is as good now as it was back then, although if you're a bit squeamish, probably best to give parts of it a miss. And it's on tonights agenda.

The Addams Family
No mention needed - stick it on - eat food and enjoy.

Harry Potter
Ok so not 100% a Halloween movie, but it has witches, wizards and pumpkin juice so thats Halloweenie enough for me. My Saturday mission - to watch each movie. 

The Faculty
The Faculty
I used to love this movie so much. I had the biggest crush on Josh Hartnett, but it was a good horror none the less. Not scary and a bit rubbish but a classic.

Practical Magic
If you grew up watching Sabrina, Buffy and Charmed, then of course this movie would be for you. I still not so secretly want to be a witch - the kind where you click your fingers and have a whole new outfit.

Halloween Town
Halloween Town
This is some easy Sunday viewing right there people. She's a witch and she doesn't know it - guess where that idea came from.

Scream - All of them
The birth of the new horror movie genre. No idea what that is, but Scream is in a world of it's own. If only they still made movies like this.

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