26 October 2014

Glitter Dipped Pumpkins

Just a quick little pumpkin DIY for you - it's so easy to do and they look fab around the house, if you don't like the traditional Halloween decorations. 

All you need is - 
Munchkin pumkins (Veg section of supermarket)
Glitter - Hobby Craft
Masking tape
Paint brush
Shoe box

Wrap some masking tape around the pumpkins. Start from where you want the glitter to start. Next time I do these I will have the tape up a bit higher.

Cover the bottom half with glue and then sprinkle with glitter. Make sure to do this over the opened shoe box, to avoid a glitter bomb in your house.

So much glitter! Shake it off and if there are gaps, add some more glue and sprinkle again. And you are done. Leave to dry and then spray with hair spray to set the glitter. Et Voila - one super sparkly, non scary Halloween pumpkin.

Hugs & Kisses

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