15 October 2014

Topshop Lip Creams

Topshop make up seems to be my go to make up brand right now. I love every single product that they have and I am always pleasantly surprised when I try something new. Today that new product was the lip creams. I've been eyeing up the purple and the pink thats Double Take and Sweetie to you and me. They are currently in the Topshop sale for £3, which is a bargain if you ask me, I would have bought more, but a lot of the other lip creams have shimmer in them. I have never tried a lip cream before and I have to say that I absolutely loved the consistency. With these ones though, you get a lot of product with one dip - you have been warned. A little goes a long way and the staying power is freaking awesome. If I suggest one product this month it would definitely be this one.

Hugs & Kisses

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