24 November 2014

Christmas Dress

My hunt for Christmas season dresses has well and truly begun. I have lots of options right now, but this one made me stop in awe. Everything about it is just perfect. However, I don't have anywhere to wear it, so I might just end up lounging around my house on Christmas day whilst wearing it. Lounge wear at it's most luxurious! HA! You can find it here. Now i'm off to go and see the new Hunger Games - so excited it may as well be Christmas day! Have a great evening gals!

 Hugs & Kisses

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Charlotte Sparkle said...

That is a lovely dress and those heels are made for it too.

Danielle said...

Love it. So classy and perfect for Christmas.


Shreya Dhawan said...

Awesome outfit!!! Planning to buy such dress for this Christmas...