11 November 2014

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

I don't like to be negative on here, however when you have rosacea and are desperately trying to find something to cover it, it can become pricey. Back in the summer my Rosacea was at its worst. Google image it, it's not great. It needs a anti redness product and a full coverage foundation. So I went about trying to find something for the redness. This Smashbox photo finish  primer is not the thing. Obviously this is my opinion. I went ahead and bought it after seeing some good reviews from apparent rosacea sufferers. I'm so glad I got the small version and not the big one. It doesn't do anything at all. Why it's called a foundation primer I don't know as it offered no coverage (for the redness) at all, not even a light coverage. So if you're struggling with facial redness, I would suggest this L'oreal product as it works miracles in comparison to this. It's such a shame as I always rave about Smashbox, but I guess you can't get everything right. I would not suggest this product in any way shape or form.

* Please note this review is to do with the product not getting rid of the redness, which it was meant to be good at. I am not stating that it is an ineffective foundation as it's not a foundation. Its an ineffective colour corrector. This is for rosacea sufferers to read because it has been noted as a beneficial product to the skin issue. It's not! As a bog standard primer it is fine.

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1 comment:

Victoria said...

I'm fairly certain foundation primers are just serving the purpose like a moisturiser to make the foundation sit better, and you actually have to apply a foundation on top of it, using a primer your foundation will thus last better throughout the day.

Glad you found a better alternative though xoxox