6 November 2014

The Hair Post

I get asked questions about my hair all the time. So I thought that it was about time I did a little post about it. What's my not so secret, secret? Hair extensions. My hair itself is pretty long now after getting the chop 2 years a go, it's grown quite quickly. In the last 6 months it has grown at a ridiculous rate and I can only put this down to being hair lazy. Get up, top knot, leave the house. So due to laziness, heat products usually only get used at the weekends. I've tried all sorts of extensions and I can happily say that the Bobbi Glam triple weft hair extensions from Dirty Looks are my all time favourite, by a long shot i'd like to add. I may review the bad ones that I have tried, but I don't like to be to be negative, however if your spending that kind of money, I guess it would be nice to know. The Bobbi Glam triple weft, I can't rave about enough. It's shiny, it stays in good condition and I mean good condition and the thickness I can't yet match in another brand. I have been using them for a good 5 months now, so I can very happily say go and buy Rapunzels to be, go and buy! Or mermaids, some of you might want to be mermaids (it's mermaid hair if it goes past your boobs - tip for life right there). Now i'm off to go and enjoy a Lush bath bomb bath. Have a good night ladies.

Hugs & Kisses

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