16 December 2014

Long Hair Don't Care

I've mentioned these hair extensions before, but seen as it's party season, I thought I should mention them again. I have been wearing hair extensions for years, weave, clips ins, glues ins, you name it, i've tried it. For the past few months i've been giving clip ins a go, mainly for the convenience and also I go to the  gym too often to be bothered to wash so much hair every single day. And these Bobbi Glam hair extensions are by far the best ones i've ever tried. I haven't named of shamed any brands or reviewed ones I haven't been happy with mainly because I don't want my blog to be a negative place. However if you would like to know my opinions on other brands and would like me to review, I will. These ones are from Dirty Looks and can be found here. I got the triple west in 20 - 22 inch and in the colour Espresso Dark Brown. Although I may need to invest in the Organic.

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