18 December 2014

Relax With The Body Shop

Being Christmas 'n' all that, The Body Shop have created a beauty advent calendar , to show you fabulous products and this year they have involved some fabulous bloggers to get all festive with them. Each day  a different blogger picks their fave products to share with you and with my love of a bath, mine includes this Aqua eye mask and also as old as it makes me sound an inflatable bath pillow! Ha Ha! In my defence my bath is really long and i'm pretty short so relaxing is pretty tough when I fall under the water every 2 seconds. The eye mask is AMAZING, I spend most of my day and night staring at a computer screen and by the end of that my eyes are super sleepy, so eye mask is fantastic to pop on, have a soak in the bath and do something other than check through my iphone or watch tele on my ipad. I find it so hard to switch off so these products are really great. Please excuse my lack of pictures, i'm sure myself in a bath isn't what you all want to see. 

Hugs & Kisses

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