12 January 2015

Beauty Faves Of 2014

Although I switch in and out of beauty posts, this year, there will be a lot more and I hope that I can keep it up. For the time being, I thought that I would share with you my favourite beauty products of last year. Thanks to my Mum, I am always introduced to new products, almost on a daily basis, which I would love to share with you all. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to blog about them all last year, so here are the few that I did and I loved.

{The only way i've ever been able to do a cat flick. Read my review here}

{Pervonia joined my beauty routine when my rosacea was at it's worse. What a saviour that was - read full review here}

{L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream - the only product to counteract the redness caused by rosacea - full review here}

{Best lip colour this year and makes a nice change from my fail safe pink - review here}

{I can only describe this moisturiser as a drink for your skin. It's my go to day and night cream - just amazing. Full review here}

{Repurchased every year for Summer - it's summer in a spray - review here}

 photo aeeab1f2-1cbf-42ac-af73-4f741c1b2a03_zpsfbc14cee.jpg
{Miss Dior Cherie - just an amazing winter and night time scent, which is always repurchased}

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