3 January 2015

Bobbi Brown Deluxe Lip & Eye Palette Review

My obsession with make up is growing by the day, i've even started watching youtube tutorials to learn about how to apply eye shadow differently better. So I couldn't be happier when Santa decided to bring this to moi on Christmas day. Bobbi Brown is my favourite brand when it comes to eyeshadows, especially after this years palettes. It's also very unusual to like every colour in a palette, but this one has done just that. My current faves are Sandy Rose and Chiffon - top row second and third colours and from the lip palette, it has to be Pale Mauve and Pink Blossom - top row second in and bottom row third in. I've only used the palette a couple of times so far, but it will become a handbag fave, fantastic for top ups throughout the day and small enough to not notice you're lugging a load of make up around.
 Have you guys tried this palette? What did you think?

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1 comment:

liketreasure said...

this looks gorgeous! i really like the look of the bronzed pink shadow.

Lauren x