19 January 2015

Home Updates

I don't know what it is about this time of year right now, but I either want to completely swap things over at home or alternatively go on a 2/3/4 week holiday. The swapping things up at home seems more likely right now, so here are a few things I would love to get to jazz it up a little bit. I'm still mourning the lack of Christmas decorations. I even painted toy dinosaurs gold to make it a bit more interesting, but it's still pretty bla! I think house plants may just be the way froward. A couple of biggies and some cute little succulents should do the trick. 

1. Here // 2. Here // 3. Here // 4. Here // 5. Here // 6. Here // 7. Here // 8. Here // 9. Here // 10. Here // 11. Here // 12. Here // 13. Here // 14. Here // 15. Here // 16. Here // 17. Here

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Aditi Sinha said...

Everything is fabulous! from designer crockery, photo frames, wall decor art, Sculptures & many more just amazing.