14 January 2015

Lazy Days

Hi girlies. The rain subsided today and the wind stopped briefly, so that obviously meant outfit pictures. It seems like such a long long time since my last one. I think i'll need to work out how to take outfit pictures inside, I just can't get the lighting right. In other news, i've had the most lovely day today, I did some work this morning then headed to the hairdressers for a colour touch up, then came back to play with the pup and have some lunch. Next up new lashes were on the cards - I seriously can't live without them now, so addictive. I've now got some emails to respond to and then i'm off to yoga, followed by a couple of hours of work and then bedtime. I wish all days were like today - so lovely.

Clothes Primark // Boots Ash // Bag Topshop

Hugs & Kisses

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